Here are some examples of projects I’ve worked on.

Most of my work I cannot show in public. If you'd like to see my private portfolio, get in touch.

Designing a social learning & community platform


  • UX
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS


BraveNewTalent is an education tech startup aiming to make professional learning social. When I joined, they had just hired a lot of developers and had embarked on a significant pivot from being a social recruitment tool.

My job was to help clarify the new idea into a cohesive product whilst ensuring all four of the agile development teams were producing features to a high standard.


Before embarking on this project, I felt we needed better insights into the behaviour and needs of our audience. Using a combination of user interviews and online surveys, I was able to quickly gather this information and identify our most important user groups.

Knowing it was impossible to do all the wireframing for four concurrent teams myself, I set about running internal sessions to teach the principles of great UX. I appointed one member of each team to ensure that the user journeys were being followed and that users needs were being met.

To ensure quick feedback loops between the business and the developers, I ran collaborative design session at the start of each sprint with all key stakeholders. I also included developers in user testing session to see people's feedback directly.

This allowed me to focus on the key user journeys and prototyping the most important aspects of the new site.


My key deliverables were:

  • Prioritised list of user stories
  • User journeys for all main user tasks
  • Paper and HTML prototypes of key journeys
  • User Testing evaluations of features

An example of the work produced can be seen in the following presentation:


The outcomes of this work were:

  • a complete redesign of the site focussing on core user needs
  • a better company-wide understanding of user needs and behaviours
  • significant increase in user satisfaction during testing