Here are some examples of projects I’ve worked on.

Most of my work I cannot show in public. If you'd like to see my private portfolio, get in touch.

Helping patients understand clinical research


  • UX
  • Product
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS


At TrialReach we make it simple, clear and quick for patients to get in touch with researchers, so that new drugs and life-changing treatments can reach the people who need them faster.

The major problem was that few patients were getting in touch with researchers once they had landed on a study page. We knew that most people would not be interested, but suspected that the design and experience of the process was putting off some people who were interested.


The first step was to analyse our analytics and see the drop-off rates at each step. I also started capturing more user behaviour so we could see which parts of the page people interacted with and how far down they scrolled.

Noticing that the majority of our users came from tablets and mobiles, I acquired four devices which covered more than 90% of our users and went through extensive testing to fix any usability issues.

It was clear that there were more fundamental issues with the experience, so I began doing user testing sessions with patients with various conditions to understand how they interacted with our site. I also researched the information that was most crucial to patients when evaluating clinical trials and compared it to the content we had on the page.

These insights allowed us to prototype a way of displaying the information that was simpler, more informative and easier to use. After several rounds of testing we began implementing this new, fully-responsive approach.


As well as managing this product and leading the team developing building the solution, I also delivered:

  • Quantitative analysis of user behaviour
  • A new analytics platform implementation with better metrics of success
  • Qualitative evaluation from user testing
  • Personas of key user groups
  • Detailed user journeys
  • Sketches and wireframes where required
Comparison of previous and new landing pages
TrialReach homepage comparisons
New question answering process
Trialreach question answer flow


The outcomes of this work were:

  • Increased conversions by over 200% leading to significant revenue boost
  • Greatly improved user satisfaction in testing
  • New responsive front-end framework that minimised maintenance and increased developer efficiency